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At the end of World War II,  the Escaut Canal between Herentals and Bochelt was the scene of heavy fighting. Since the Normandy landings the German army was in full retreat and the allies were close upon their heels.

At the end of 1944 field marshal Montgomery wanted to stop the war early with a bold plan, operation Market Garden. The 15th Scottish Division was sent to our Kempische municipalities as key component of the 12th Corps, in order to protect the left flank of the ground offensive. The 15th Division was orderd to cross the canal as quickly as possible at various places.

However, the Germans were able to reorganize behind this water barrier and were  again very formidable opponents.

The Scottish Division did not succeed in its intent, but was able to attract large numbers of German troops. Because of this, the 30th Army Corps managed to reach the Netherlands from Lommel.


In this battle alongside the Escaut Canal, hundreds of soldiers lost their lives.

On this website we try to give an overview of all these battles.

Places besides the canal

eel - Ten Aard

Lock 7 in Geel

Lock 6  in Mol

Mol - Donk

Bridge 2 in Retie

De Maat in Mol



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